Professor Margaret (Meg) Meyer is the recipient of the inaugural edition of the Role Models in Economics Award

Congratulations to Professor Margaret (Meg) Meyer who is the recipient of the inaugural Role Models in Economics Award by the EEA (European Economic Association). This prestigious award recognises her as a true scholar and outstanding contributor to the public good in the field of Economics.


As a leading microeconomics theorist, Professor Meyer has made significant contributions to organisational economics and industrial organization. However, her impact extends beyond her research. She has mentored an impressive 37 PhD students and played a crucial role in the Nuffield College Postdoctoral Fellows program, guiding many postdocs to success.


Furthermore, Professor Meyer is a founding member of ESSET (the European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory at Gerzensee), which is one of the highest-profile and highest-quality economic theory events in Europe since the early 1990s. ESSET has provided a platform for young economists to thrive and develop their careers. 


One of the nominators stated

Meg is a mensch, in that she is always generous with her time and always empowers young scholars by showing a deep interest in their work. Equally important, Meg Meyer has contributed comments to hundreds of working papers of junior scholars. There is hardly anybody else in Europe who shows up as consistently in the acknowledgements of theory papers as she does. She is an absolutely invaluable resource.

The award includes a grant of 10,000 euros, which Professor Meyer will use to support an initiative that fosters the careers of PhD students and junior faculty in Europe. This aligns with the EEA's mission to empower the next generation of economists.