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Our Economics Department produces some of the finest economists in the world. We are keenly aware that the Oxford University Economics network reaches far wider than our University, and that many of you are studying or working in a huge variety of roles and environments all over the world. Our valued alumni are a vital part of our Economics community – as such we want to help you play an active part in the Economics Department, wherever you may be.

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Leaving the Department soon?

Congratulations on finishing your time in the Oxford Department of Economics! We hope you have reaped the benefits of belonging to this school and are proud of what you've achieved. We know that you’ll go on to great things in the future, and we’d love to keep in touch with you!

Our community of Oxford economists stretches far beyond the University – many of you will work in a huge variety of roles all over the world. We’re aiming to better connect this global community, to encourage communication and the exchange of ideas, and to create a vibrant network for Oxford economics. To assist this, we’ll be running a number of events each year that alumni can attend, including lectures and an annual reunion event.

We hope that we can make you feel a welcome part our community, whatever you plan to do next, and that it will in turn enhance your own professional development and intellectual curiosity.


Here are a few ways you can keep in touch with the Department and the University:

  1. Register for your ‘My Oxford’ alumni card and pick it up at the university Leavers' Fair
  2. Join the Department of Economics LinkedIn Alumni Group to network with fellow alumni and keep up to date with exclusive alumni events.
  3. We want to hear about your future plans and achievementsIf you would like to write an “alumni story” about your time at Oxford or think you might like to submit one in a year’s time, please email and we can speak more about your contribution.

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