The Department would like to offer its congratulations and very best wishes for the future to those of its doctoral students and post-doctoral research fellows who have secured the following positions.

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Alexander Haas   

Monash University Department of Economics, Assistant Professor

Vatsal Khandelwal 

University of Exeter Business School, Assistant Professor 

Akshat Singh      

IMF, Economist Program 

Matthew McKernan  

Bank of England, Monetary Analysis Research Economist

Bjorn Brey  

Norwegian School of Economics, Tenure Track  Associate Professor in Economic History 

Tom Schwantje     

Bocconi University, Department of Finance, Research Fellow 

Artur Doshchyn    

University of Bristol, Business School, Lecturer in Financial Economics 


Alistair Macaulay

Surrey Future Fellow at University of Surrey (equivalent to Assistant Professor)

Binta Zahra Diop

Assistant Professor at Boston College

Hannah Zillessen

Assistant Professor at KU Leuven

Lee Tyrrell-Hendry

Lecturer at University of Bath

Luke Heath Milsom

Assistant Professor at KU Leuven

Mattia Bertazzini

Assistant Professor Nottingham School of Economics

Sam Altmann

Assistant Professor at Queen Mary University of London

Shangshang Li

Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor) at University of Liverpool

Shihang Hou

Research Associate (Post doc) at Institute for Employment Research, Germany (IAB)

Susana Campos Martins

Assistant Professor at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

Victor Pouliquen

Senior Lecturer at University of Essex

Viktor Marinkov

Assistant Professor at University of Groningen

Xiyu Jiao

Assistant Professor at University of Gothenburg

Ning Zhang

Assistant Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Rajssa Mechelli

Economics Adviser at Competition and Market Authority

Sanghamitra Mukherjee

Economist program at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Verena Wiedemann

Economist, Economic Policy Research Department, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)

Giulio Schinaia

Postdoctoral Scholar at The University of Chicago



Max-Sebastian Dovi

IMF Economist Program

Mishel Ghassibe

CREI Barcelona, Junior Researcher, tenure-track

Merrilyn Groom

RAND Europe, analyst

Yilliang Li

UIBE Beijing, tenure-track

Andrea de Mauro

Financial Conduct Authority, Senior Associate Economist

Karol Mazur

Peking University HSBC Business School, tenure-track

Itzhak Rasooly

Sciences Po / PSE

Aidan Smith

University of Edinburgh, Early Career Researcher

Sareh Vosooghi

Leuven, Assistant Professor, tenure-track





Alexander Copestake

IMF, Economist Program

Andrea Bernini

Oxford, Career Development Fellowship

Artur Doshchyn

Oxford, Departmental lecturer

Joel Kariel

University of Kent, Post Doc

Marta Golin

University of Zurich, Post Doc

Meredith Paker

US government, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Economist

Myrto Oikonomou

IMF, Economist Program

Philip Schnattinger

Bank of England's PhD research programme

Simon Finster

University of Hagen, Post Doc





Bernhard Kasberger

DICE Düsseldorf, Post-Doctoral Researcher

David Delacretaz

University of Manchester, Lecturer

Eileen Tipoe

Queen Mary University of London, Senior Lecturer and Education Expert

Emma Riley

University of Washington, Assistant Professor

Sarah Clifford

Oxford, Associate Professor

Xiaowen Lei

University of Guelph, Assistant Professor (tenure track)




Jan Bakker                         

UCL (Post Doc)

George Charlson                                       Cambridge, INET (Post Doc)

Zoe Fannon                       

NERA (Economic Analyst)

Benjamin Kett                   

IMF (Economist Program)     

Patrick Moran                   

University of Copenhagen (Assistant Professor)

Genevieve Nelson            

Dansmarks Nationalbank's Research Unit (Post Doc)

Markus Parlasca               

WU Wien (Assistant Professor, tenure track)

Jemima Peppel-Srebrny  

European Stability Mechanism (Economist)

Erkki Vihriälä                     

Aalto (Post Doc)




Aluma Dembo                   

IDC Herzliya (Lecturer)

Leander Heldring              

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Assistant Professor)

Stefan Hubner                   

University of Bristol (Assistant Professor)

Pascal Jaupart                    

World Bank (YP)

Mahreen Mahmud           

University of Exeter (Assistant Professor)

Stephen Nei                       

University of Exeter (Assistant Professor)

David Ronayne                  

ESMT Berlin (Assistant Professor, tenure track)



Maria Balgova
IZA (Bonn) postdoc

Gregorio Curello
University of Bonn postdoc

Manuel Fernandez Sierra
University of Los Andes tenure-track assistant professor

Xiyu Jiao
EMoD postdoc, Nuffield College

Daniel Kaliski
Birkbeck, University of London, tenure-track assistant professor

Rahul Nath
Ashoka University tenure-track assistant professor

Alessio Piccolo
Indiana Business School tenure-track assistant professor

Kilian Rieder
Austrian Central Bank (OeNB)

Ben Waltmann
Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Marc Witte
IZA (Bonn) postdoc after 1-year postdoc at NYU Abu Dhabi



Jean Flemming
Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Simon Franklin
Queen Mary tenure-track assistant professor

Claudia Herresthal
University of Bonn postdoc

Ole Jann
CERGE-EI tenure-track assistant professor

Jacquelyn Pless
MIT Sloan School of Management tenure-track assistant professor

Anouk Rigterink
University of Durham (School of Government and International Affairs ) tenure-track assistant professor, after 1 year ESOC Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University

Valeria Rueda
University of Nottingham tenure-track assistant professor

DPHIL STUDENTS                                                                                                                                                                                   

Pawel Adrjan                                                                                                
Indeed Hiring Lab

Gareth Anderson

Stefano Caria
Assistant Professor, University of Bristol

Isaac Gross
Assistant Professor, Monash University

Myunghyun Kim
Bank of Korea

Karan Nagpal

Carlo Pizzinelli

Felix Pretis
Assistant Professor, University of Victoria

Matthias Qian
Departmental Lecturer, University of Oxford

Chris Roth
Assistant Professor, Warwick University (after postdoc at briq)

Daniela Scur
Assistant Professor, Cornell University Dyson School (after postdoc at MIT)




James Best
Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Tepper Business School

Marianne Bruins
Assistant Professor, York University

Elisabetta de Cao
Assistant Professor, London School of Economics, Department of Health Policy

Pawel Dziewulski
Assistant Professor, University of Sussex

Sabrina Eisenbarth
Assistant Professor, University of Exeter

Agnes Kovacs
Assistant Professor, University of Manchester

Karlijn Morsink
Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht

Daniel Quigley
Associate Professor, University of Oxford

Gerhard Toews
Assistant Professor, New Economic School

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