What Economists Really Do 2023-24 sponsored by the EBC Financial Group

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce that the fourth talk in its public engagement series, What Economists Really Do 2023-24, is being sponsored by the EBC Financial Group. These funds will be used to support the Department's graduate student scholarship fund.

This is the third year of What Economists Really Do 2023-24. The series aims to show how economics can be used to shed light on some of the biggest issues facing society today. In the WERD webinar on 6th March Sarah Clifford, an Associate Professor at the Department, will give new insights into the economics of corporate tax evasion. To complement her work, Mr. David Barrett, CEO of EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd, will provide his insights from an industry perspective building on his extensive finance industry experience in global institutions.

“It is our honour to collaborate with the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford. We feel that the University’s series ‘What Economists Really Do’ links academic work with real world implications of economic research and education,” Mr. Barrett commented on the collaboration. “Previous webinars tackled crucial societal issues, and the upcoming episodes promise more relevant and in-depth discussions on the world we live in. EBC Financial Group believes in making economic research accessible to the public, ensuring a clear understanding of its relevance in our daily lives.”

Professor Abi Adams-Prassl, Associate Head of Department (External Engagement) commented: “What Economists Really Do is one of the ways in which the Department shows how economics can be used to improve policy and make the economy work better for everyone. We are pleased that EBC Financial Group can provide their industry perspectives in this webinar to provide new insights into how tax is collected (or not) in today’s complex, global economy. Sponsorship funds will go towards our graduate scholarship scheme that helps ensure that talented students can pursue their economics education to the highest levels regardless of their background.”

You can find recordings of previous WERD webinars on topics ranging from the Economics of Biodiversity to the Political Economy of AI on the Department’s YouTube channel here.

'The Economics of Tax Evasion' will be held on the 6th March at 12:00pm via Zoom, you can register to attend here