Economics Reading & Viewing Suggestions

Getting Started in Economics Reading Suggestions


Applicants are not expected to have studied economics at school but should be able to demonstrate a passion for studying the subject.  

You can find plenty of coverage of Economic questions in good quality newspapers, magazines, blogs and articles online, and television and radio programmes. For example, try the Financial Times, The Economist, and Prospect, which frequently include articles on economic matters; and the blogs and commentaries of economists and economic journalists.

Some of our favourite online resources include the Discover Economics initiative by the Royal Economic Society and the Economics Observatory. There is also an active community of economists on Twitter that can be found using #EconTwitter. The Economics Network website, Why Study Economics? has useful information for students considering a university course in economics.


Below you'll find a selection of introductory books, blogs, podcasts and videos to help spark your journey into economics.

"Popular" introductions to economics, that are accessible and interesting:


An interesting selection of Economics videos:

CEPR series on female economists

Isaiah Andrews

Dr Stefanie Stantcheva